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  • Crewman sent ashore for Covid, Canada orders ship to drop anchor

    2021-04-19 17:41
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    CANADIAN authorities have ordered the 49,990-dwt chemical tanker STI San Telmo to anchor off Ports Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, after it sent a Covid-19 stricken man ashore for medical treatment, reports London's Tanker Operator.

    The Marshall Islands-flagged ship was enroute from Antwerp to Montreal when it sent a man ashore for medical treatment and the ship was ordered to anchor and discontinue its journey.
    Karl Risser, Atlantic inspector for the International Transport Workers Federation, said the man tested positive for Covid and is staying in a hotel and is being monitored daily by public health officials.

    He said seven more crew members who are on board the ship have also tested positive for Covid.

    "I think everything is being handled appropriately as far as my understanding and we're going to keep a close eye on things until the vessel moves out," said Mr Risser, whose organisation represents foreign seafarers in Canada.

    Unclear how many crew members ship hasRisser said the rest of the crew is being tested and monitored.

    Said Transport Canada spokeswoman Cybelle Morin: "We are closely monitoring the situation and working with the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency, the shipping company and other federal, provincial, and local partners to ensure appropriate measures are taken to maintain marine safety and public health."

    The vessel is safely anchored, Ms Morin said, and crew members who remain on board are following public health guidelines.

    A spokesman for the shipowner, Monaco-based STI San Telmo Shipping Company said the crew is doing as well as can be expected.
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